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If you experience problems when using MBC4, check out the known problems and their solutions on this page.

If you do not find a solution, please send a full description using the "Contact Us" link above and we will invesigate.

Finder indicates MBC4 can't be used
Your version of MBC4 won't run under this OS version

Your version is out of date

Older versions of the MBC4 software may not run under more recent versions of the Mac OS. For example, OS 10.15 Catalina introduced new reqirements such as Notarization and the Hardened Runtime Environment which mean that you may need to upgrade.

Users of MBC 4.7.0 and later can obtain a free upgrade. For older versions a paid upgrade is available. See the Upgrade page for more information.

Font Warning or Font does not appear in menu
Warning that a font is not installed

Various causes

Please note: this error should not occur in MBC4.7 and later as fonts are now built-in.


A number of fonts are supplied with the software for use in the human-readable text that sits below the bars (and/or elsewhere on the barcode). If the fonts are missing or not installed correctly, you may see a warning message.


Ensure that the Computalabel fonts are stored in the Fonts folder that inside the Library folder that is in your User Directory.

Check that you do not have multiple copies of the same font installed.

Check that MBC4's access to the Computalabel fonts is not impeded by any third-party font management software.

Replacement fonts and fonts in alternate formats (Open Type, PostScript, TrueType) are available from Computalabel. Just let us know your MBC version number and the Mac OS version that you are using.

Unable to Install
Warning of failure to install by the installer

Permissions Issue


MBC4 and it's associated files are stored in a folder which the installer creates inside your Applications directory. MBC4's fonts are installed in the Fonts folder inside your Library folder.

It is essential that you have permission to change the contents in these locations. If you do not, the installer will be unable to complete the installation.


Check that you have permission to alter the Applications folder and the Fonts folder by creating a new folder inside them. If you are unable to do so, you will need to alter the permissions settings or the type of account that you are using. You will normally need an Admin account to install the software.

Permissions for MBC4.7


MBC4 Crashes
Serious Error warning

Corrupt Preferences file


MBC4 stores your prefernces and settings in a file called "MBC4 Prefs" (or "MBC4.1 Prefs" if you are using MBC4.1.x, "MB4.2 Prefs" for MBC4.2x, etc.)

                   Prefs folder
If the data in this file becomes corrupted, unpredictable errors may occur.

This problem is rare after version 4.0.1f4 when a self-checking routine was introduced.


1. Quit MBC4

2. Locate the Prefs file. It will usually be found in the "Preferences" folder, inside the "Library" folder of your personal directory.

3. Remove the Prefs file from the Preferences folder. You may put it in the trash, or you might want to send it to us for further investigation.

4. Launch MBC4. Use the software as you would normally. Hopefully the fault will have been cured, but if it persists, contact us, describing the sequence of events leading to the crash or error message.

Note: When the Prefs file is removed MBC4 reverts to it's default settings. The barcode type will be EAN-13 or UPC-A and the Adjustment settings will have been reset to zero. It is most important that these settings are returned to their previous values.







Can't save files
No warning - application crashes

Out of date software with a new OS version


Older versions of MBC4 (Version 4.4 and earlier) are not supported on the newer versions of MacOS. In many cases however, they have continued to work without problems.

Updates to the Mac OS in March 2019 have now rendered the older versions incapable of saving files.

The current version (4.7.x) is fully compatible with the lastest OS versions. You can upgrade for a reduced price. See the Upgrade Page for more details.


Can't save files
Warning that barcode type is locked

Registration file not installed correctly


When MBC4 launches it looks for a registration file inside the same folder.

This file contains the serial number which confirms your licence to use the software.

If the file is not found, MBC4 launches as a demo copy (you can't save barcodes).

           The MBC4 folder

When you purchased MBC4, you would have been sent a registration file, either on CD or by email.

If you purchased MBC4.0.x, the file is called "MBC4 Registration".

If you purchased MBC4.1.x, the file is called "MBC41 Registration".

If you purchased MBC4.2.x, the file is called "MBC42 Registration".

If you purchased MBC4.3.x, the file is called "MBC43 Registration".

If you purchased MBC4.4.x, the file is called "MBC44 Registration".

If you purchased MBC4.5.x, the file is called "MBC45 Registration".

If you purchased MBC4.6.x, the file is called "MBC46 Registration".

If you purchased MBC4.7.x, the file is called "MBC47 Registration".


1. Quit MBC4.

2. Locate the registration file that was sent to you (as a file on the CD or as an email attachment).

3. Drag the registration file into the same folder as the MBC4 application. This will normally be the "MBC 4.7 , "MBC 4.6", etc. folder inside your "Applications" folder.

4. Restart MBC4. You should now be able to save barcodes. Go to the "Unlock/Upgrade" screen item in the "MBC4" menu to check your available barcodes.

The MBC4 folderUnlockUpgradeScreen