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All the features you need...

Barcode accuracy

MBC4 produces accurate and precise barcodes which adhere to the official guidelines for each barcode type. Barcodes can be adjusted to compensate for the printing process you are using.


Bad check digit example

MBC4 checks the data that you enter to ensure you don't produce a bad barcode. The check digit is verified and the structure is checked against the official standards. MBC4 also limits the size of your barcode so you don't break the rules.



hundreds of bar code types

Hundreds of Barcode Types
All popular barcode types are supported, plus hundreds of less common types so you won't be stuck when your customer asks for an obscure layout. Check out the full list here.

The Barcode Selector Window
Easy Barcode Selection
MBC4's range of barcode types is divided into 10 symbologies. Clicking on one of the buttons shows a list of sub-types. The Info box displays a description of each one.

The MBC4 Color Panel
MBC4 gives you full control over bar and background colors. You can even color-match to spot colors in external documents so the barcode is always on the right color speraration.


An AppleScript Example

If you need automation in your workflow, MBC4 can be controlled from other applications by using AppleScript.






The Batch Processing window

Batch Processing
As well as entering barcode data manually, you can also set up incrementing sequences or import all your barcode data (and text data) from an external file. Then just click the Run button and the entire batch of barcodes is saved to disk.


Outline text for human readable characters

Text Saved as Outlines
There’s no need to send fonts with your barcode when the job goes to the printers. Many of the default fonts can be saved as PostScript outlines.

Templates Menu
Barcodes saved into the "Templates" folder appear in MBC4's Templates Menu for easy access to your frequently used barcode styles.

Extra Text

Added text
In MBC4 you can add text in any font, style, size and position around the barcode and can even use parts of the barcode data.

The Check for Updates window


Check for Updates
If you switch on “Check for Updates”, MBC4 will access the Computalabel website to check for free updates which you can download and install.


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