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Upgrade Options

MBC4.7.4 is the latest version of the original and best barcode creation software. As a user of a previous version, you can upgrade to the new version at a reduced price.

MBC4.7.4 is fully compatible with MacOS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, BigSur, Catalina and MacOS versions back to OS 10.10.

MBC4 has moved from 32-bit to 64-bit and includes a major new barcode option - GS1-DataMatrix, as well as GS-1 Databar, Intelligent Mail, QR codes and Code128 Subset A. Changes have been made to existing barcode types to reflect the latest GS1 specifications.

With version 4.7.4 we have Retina support. Saved barcodes from MBC4 have always been pin-sharp, but now the on-screen image makes maximum use of your screen resolution.

MBC4 is now easier to install. You simply drag the MBC4.7 folder into your Applications folder. There are no fonts to install now.

The MBC4.7.4 barcode software works with all the latest Macs and is compatible with all versions of OS X from 10.10* onwards, including Yosemite (10.10), El Capitan (10.11), Sierra (10.12), High Sierra (10.13), Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15), Big Sur (macOS 11), Monterey (macOS 12)
, Ventura (macOS 13) and Sonoma (MacOS 14) * PDF export not currently available under MacOS Sonoma.
*users of earlier OS versions - contact us for more options.

Users of ANY previous version are eligible for upgrade pricing. This includes MacBarcoda, MBC3 and MBC4.

The upgrade is supplied as a full installation. It does not require any files from the previous version. So long as we can verify your initial purchase from your serial number or our sales database, nothing else is needed for you to upgrade.

There are other free updates available for users of versions 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 and 4.6.
Check the table below

Now 64-bit
Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, Ventura & Sonoma compatible

Supports Retina Graphics!

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Version Owned
Version Available
MacBarcoda V 1.x
MBC 4.7.4
MacBarcoda V 2.x
MBC 4.7.4
MBC 3.x
MBC 4.7.4
MBC 4.0x
MBC 4.02f11
MBC 4.0x
MBC 4.7.4
MBC 4.1x
MBC 4.15
MBC 4.1x
MBC 4.7.4
MBC 4.2x
MBC 4.21
MBC 4.2x
MBC 4.7.4
MBC 4.3x MBC 4.32f4/MBC4.33f1 FREE
MBC 4.3x MBC 4.7.4 PAID
MBC4.4x MBC 4.4.12f2 FREE
MBC4.4x MBC 4.7.4 PAID
MBC4.5x MBC4.54 FREE
MBC4.5x MBC 4.7.4 PAID
MBC4.6x MBC4.63 FREE
MBC4.6x MBC4.7.4 PAID
MBC4.7x MBC4.7.4 FREE


Version History

Version History

15 MAY 06

[FIXED] Light Margin Indicator positioned incorrectly in EPS file.

4.0.2f10 - 11 MAY 06

[FIXED] start/stop characters re-enabled

4.0.2f9 -14 MAR 06

[FIXED] Light Margin Indicators, (LMI's), now saved at correct size for non-EAN/UPC formats.
[DOCS] Added RM4SCC (Royal Mail) section.
[FIXED] 'Fixed Length' control no operates as expected.
[FIXED] Code128 incorrectly defaulting to subset C for short numeric codes.
[ADDED] 'Style' menus for all 'Font' menus.
[CHANGE] MBC4 now compiled as 'Mach-O'.
[FIXED] Leading character in formats based on 'EAN-13 Alternative' no longer cropped.
[FIXED] AppleScript now accepts 'X' as valid check character for ISBN.
[FIXED] 'H Gauge' & 'Bearer Bar' controls now enabled/disabled when changing code type.
[CHANGE] Code39 now defaults to 'Alphanumeric'.
[CHANGE] Changing code data now erases barcode until it is 'Drawn' again.
[CHANGE] 'Save' caution no longer invoked when closing default window.

4.0.2f8 - 30 JUN 05

[FIXED] Parity calculation inconsistencies with EAN/UPC codes with 5 digit addons that were introduced in 4.0.2f3.

4.0.2 f7 - 24 JUN 05

[FIXED] AppleScript errors involving creating new documents, saving files & exporting files.
[CHANGE] Colour list is now restricted so that no two colours can have the same name.
[FIXED] Custom colours now defined correctly in saved & exported PostScript.
[FIXED] Custom colours can now be deleted.
[FIXED] Changes to the colour list now reset by 'Cancel' button.4.0.2f1

4.0.2 f6 - 17 MAY 05

[FIXED] AppleScript errors involving check digit setting, new document & 'supply recommended height.
[ADDED] Support for new OS 10.4 (Tiger) AppleEvent formatting.

4.0.2 f5 - 22 MAR 05

[ADDED] Precision of height measurement increased to 3 decimal places.
[FIXED] Error loading bar height from saved files, some formats.
[FIXED] Error setting status of height field when switch code type or opening file.

4.0.2 f4 - 10 MAR 05

[FIXED] AppleScript errors involving data entry, closing & quitting.

4.0.2 f3 - 18 FEB 05

[FIXED] Parity calculation problem with EAN/UPC 5 digit addons.

4.0.2 f2 - 08 FEB 05

[FIXED] Corrected problem with some settings not loading from saved files.

4.0.2f1 - 22 DEC 04

[ADDED] 2 User-definable text strings can now be added to the barcode.

4.0.1f7 - 18 NOV 04

[FIXED] Font parsing now supports 9999 fonts.

4.0.1f6 - 20 OCT 04

[CHANGE] Filtering of the Font list has been disabled.

4.0.1f4 - 12 OCT 04

[ADDED] Codes can now be Exported in a more widely compatible PostScript format.
[FIXED] 'Auto-Correct' now functions properly for codes with non-standard check digit range.
[CHANGE] Increased width of 'Unlock/Upgrade...' screen.
[FIXED] Parity checking on 2 & 5 digit addons.
[CHANGE] The font menu now includes only those fonts where the correct PostScript name can be determined.
[ADDED] Bar height can now be a fixed value.
[CHANGE] Unlock code entry is disabled if all codes are unlocked.
[CHANGE] 'Unlock/Upgrade...' dialog now states which symbologies are enabled.
[CHANGE] Settings panels now hidden if there is no barcode open.
[ADDED] Width of Code128 codes can now be set using narrow bar as well as magnification.
[FIXED] Files now open properly when double-clicked in Finder.
[FIXED] Recommended Height now set properly when switching between formats.
[CHANGE] MBC4 files must now have '.eps' suffix for MBC4 to open them.
[CHANGE] Factory Default settings are now used if any damage is detected in 'MBC4 Prefs'.
[FIXED] Saving & Exporting via AppleScript control now provides the correct suffix, (.eps or .art).
[FIXED] Remove 2 unnecessary bars from start of some Code128 formats.

4.0.1f2 - 29 JUN 04

[ADDED] 'EAN13 Alternative & 'ISBN Alternative' formats added, (to mimic Version 3 layouts).
[FIXED] 'H Gauges' now work with ITF addons.
[FIXED] UPC-E Addons now positioned correctly.

4.0.1f1 - 15 JUN 04

[FIXED] Decimal measurements for HRC values now use period '.' instead of comma ','
[FIXED] Overprint now works for imported colours.

4.0.0b5 - 07 JUN 04

[CHANGE] EAN8 can now use Light Margin Indicators.

4.0.0b4 - 04 JUN 04

[FIXED] Selecting 'Auto-Correct' for check digit no longer disables drawing.
[FIXED] Decimal measurements for bar/space values now use period '.' instead of comma ','
[FIXED] Transparent backgrounds implemented.

4.0.0b3 - 03 JUN 04

[CHANGE] Move leading character in EAN13 to the right. It no longer increases the light margin.
[FIXED] Remove network alerts, (only applies when not running on a LAN).

4.0.0b2 - 02 JUN 04

[FIXED] Activating 'H Gauges' no longer disables drawing.
[FIXED] Help menu now opens 'MBC4 Manual.pdf'
[CHANGE] Unlock/Upgrade screen now displays NAME, ORGANISATION & SERIAL NUMBER info.

4.0.0b1 - 01 JUN 04

[CHANGE] Default suffix reset to '.eps' from '.mbc', increased compatibility with Adobe products.
[FIXED] Human Readable Characters, (HRC's), in ITF addons now scale with rest of code.


Version History

19 JUL 07

[NEW] TIFF and JPEG file formats added. User-defined resolution control added.
[CHANGE] Extra text disabled for PostNET and Royal Mail barcode types.
[FIXED] Inconsistent behaviour of Txt1 & Txt2 import drawers.

4.1.1 - 09 FEB 07

[FIXED] HRCs overlapping addon bars in exported files
[FIXED] HRCs not appearing in exported files if 'Outline' feature enabled.

4.1.0 - 12 JAN 07

[NEW] Templates menu
[NEW] Data import of text labels
[NEW] Freeform Code 128
[NEW] Freeform ISBN 13
[NEW] Check for Updates feature
[NEW] Preferences Window
[NEW] Preference: Remove symbology name from file name
[NEW] Export as PDF
[NEW] ISBN 13 Data validity check
[NEW] ISBN 13+5 Data validity check
[NEW] Open MBC3 files
[NEW] Computalabel supplied fonts can be saved as outlines
[NEW] Code 39 Full ASCII
[CHANGE] Extra Text is now restricted to ASCII characters, (32-126).
[FIXED] Command-Q followed by Command-W wrongly hid the code window.
[FIXED] 979 prefix no longer permitted in standard ISBN 'Dual' formats.
[FIXED] Personalisation details of less than 3 characters no longer causes crash.
[FIXED] Selecting 'Color' from the Settings menu works again.
[FIXED] 'Unlock/Upgrade...' screen now displays non-ASCII characters correctly.
[FIXED] Added 'Extra Text 1' & 'Extra Text 2' to Settings menu.
[CHANGE] Removed 'Check for updates' from help menu. Now in Preferences.
[FIXED] Bar Width Adjustment & Device Compensation values no longer rounded when loading saved files.
[FIXED] Check Digit scheme now correctly set when loading saved files.
[FIXED] AppleScript now returns Code & Addon data correctly for non-standard check digit schemes.
[CHANGE] Menus now greyed when a caution sheet is displayed.

Version History

17 FEB 09

[FIXED] Crashing, caused by corruption of Prefs, when creating PostNET images.
[FIXED] '.eps' suffix now provided by default after cancelling export of JPEG/TIFF/PDF format

4.2.1f6 - 07 AUG 08

[FIXED] Naming of MBC4 preference file.
[NEW] 'Code 128 - Centred' format.
[FIXED] 'Open' AppleEvent in OS 10.4 & 10.5

4.2.1 - 16 JAN 08

[FIXED] Occasional incorrect header information in .art files.

4.2.0 - 21 DEC 07

[NEW] Now in Universal Binary format and compatible with OS 10.5 (Leopard)

Version History

20 DEC 11

[FIXED] Missing Pearson-only barcode types.
* requires OS 10.4 or later

4.3.2f4 - 14 MAR 11

[CHANGE] Batch Processing now compatible with text imported from barcode data.
[FIXED] 'Recent Items...' menu feature caused launch failure on some systems.
[FIXED] Error during batch processing when Data Import drawer open.

4.3.1f10 - 12 NOV 10

[NEW] Adjustable width Bearer Bar control added.
[NEW] '.art' files can now be produced using Batch Processing.
[NEW] 'Recent Items...' menu feature added.
[CHANGE] 'Big Lots' barcodes can now use any installed font.
[FIXED] Check digit for ISBN-10 format reinstated.
[FIXED] File opening by dropping MBC4 files on application icon, or double-clicking on file. OS 10.6
[FIXED] File opening using Applescript. OS 10.6

4.31s1 - 30 JUN 10

[FIXED] File-naming error in Batch Processing when importing data.
[NEW] Batch Processing - file names follow the rules set in Preferences

4.30f1 - 05 NOV 09

[NEW] Batch Processing.
[NEW] Extra Quiet Zone.
[FIXED] 'SwissMedic' & 'IKS' formats, New 'IKS' font used.
[FIXED] £ Currency symbol in ExtraText.
[FIXED] Addon HRC's missing from ITF14+4/6 if outlines used.
[FIXED] Updating of Extra Text if linked to barcode number.

[FIXED] Installer now compatible with OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Version History

18 JUL 13

[NEW] PZN8 and PZN7 now have variable ratio.
[NEW] PZN8 and PZN7 now checked for correct structure.
[NEW] PZN8 and PZN7 now checked for correct check digit.

4.4.12 - 21 JUN 13

[NEW] Text pasted into barcode data will now have line feed & carriage return characters filtered out if the symbology does not support them.
[FIXED] Superfluous line breaks no longer saved to Prefs.

4.4.11f5 - 16 MAY 13

[FIXED] When using an add-on with a raised Light Margin Indicator on systems using comma as the decimal point, eps files were unopenable in Adobe Illustrator.
[NEW] UPC variant "5-3-2 short" added.

4.4.11 - 08 FEB 13

[NEW] Batch Processing can now import Txt1 and Txt2 data in addition to the barcode data.
[NEW] PZN-8 and PZN-7 added. "PZN" deprecated.
[CHANGE] MBC3 Import removed.
[FIXED] Improved handling of AppleScript pathnames.
[FIXED] Overwriting files when saving.
[FIXED] Opening files from Templates folder.
[FIXED] Drag and drop now handling multiple files.
[FIXED]Improved handling of accented characters in registration data.

4.4.10 - 26 SEP 12

[FIXED] An empty name no longer causes an error message to display
[NEW] Codesigned for Mountain Lion installation
[FIXED] Check For Updates window displays correctly

4.4.9f1 - 15 JUNE 12

[FIXED] Incorrect display for code height.
[FIXED] Saved addon height.

4.4.8f1 - 10 MAY 12

[NEW] Added support for MeCard data in QR codes.
[FIXED] Removed incorrect error report for large QR codes.

4.4.7f2 - 16 MAR 12

[FIXED] Error when launching without saved settings.

4.4.7f1 - 13 MAR 12

[NEW] Correcting & reporting of damaged 'Prefs' added.
[NEW] Custom format 'UPCN 442 Short'
[CHANGE] Text above bars in 'ISBN 13 Stratix' now centred.
[CHANGE] Version & Package info.
[FIXED] 'Bar' colour when saving bitmapped QR codes.
[FIXED] Disallow line break in data entry of non-QR codes.
[FIXED] Custom formats using 'Arial' as the default font.

4.4.6f1 - 17 FEB 12

[FIXED] Font reference in outlined files.

4.4.5f1 - 06 FEB 12

[FIXED] incomplete EPS when using text with QR codes.

4.4.4f1 - 23 JAN 12

[FIXED] Registration file not recognised if Type and Creator information missing.

4.4.3f1 - 15 DEC 11

[NEW] Print Gain Adjustment feature for QR Codes.
[NEW] Run in demo mode without registering.
[FIXED] Incorrect error correction bits when QR EC block size=24.
[FIXED] Colon character now permitted in vCard's URL field.
[NEW] "Other" option for batch processing increment amount.
[NEW] Batch processing delimiter choice simplified.
[NEW] Incrementation now tolerant of hyphens (e.g. for ISBN).

4.4.2f1 - 03 NOV 11

[FIXED] Registration error incorrectly reported.

4.4.1f1 - 31 OCT 11

[FIXED] Unlocking of QR Codes now correctly reported.
[FIXED] Occasional fault with EPS files on systems which don't use period (.) as the decimal point.

4.4.0f1 - 25 OCT 11

[NEW] QR Codes.
[FIXED] Additional characters appearing when using +2 or +5 addons.
[FIXED] Erroneous error report when opening incorrect registration file.
[NEW] Batch processing now tolerates alpha characters following an incrementing number.

Version History

14 DEC 16

[FIXED] GS1-Databar Limited using incorrect bar width for a small number of digit combinations.

4.5.3 - 26 SEP 16

[NEW] Compatibility with MacOS Sierra 10.12.0
[CHANGE] Bundled fonts now in open Type Format.

4.5.2 - 04 APR 16

[FIXED] Data entry was impeded when Auto-correct selected.
[NEW] Option to save barcode data as text file when batch processing in incrementing mode.

4.5.1 - 15 MAR 16

[FIXED] Barcode height was set to 3 inches when tabbing out of height field while measurement system is Inches and Recommended Height is turned off.

[FIXED] Whenopening MBC4 files on another system with a smaller screen, Settings windows could be placed off-screen.

4.5.0 - 22 FEB 16

[NEW] GS1-Databar, including Limited, Omnidirectional, Truncated,Expanded, Expanded Stacked and US Coupon options.
[NEW] Intelligent Mail
[NEW] Code 128 Subset A.
[NEW] Custom Formats Folder. Adding special files to this folder will add new barcode options to MBC4.
[FIXED] Settings Windows now restored to previous positions when loading from file.
[CHANGE] "UCC/EAN-128" renamed as "GS1-128". Old files will still open under the correct code type.
[CHANGE] Barcode dimension limits changed to reflect latest GS1 Specifications.

Version History

11 MAY 17

[FIXED] Improved encodation of non-ASCII characters in Datamatrix

06 APR 17

NEW ]Batch Processing can now import file names as part of the data.
[NEW] Auto-detect feature for importing text files for batch processing.
[FIXED] File saving from batch processing now fixed. (Windows)
[FIXED] Intermittent crashing when producing QR codes as TIFF.
[FIXED] Barcodes with a clear background did not display correctly when exported in TIFF format from the Batch Processing feature.
[FIXED] When installing the Registration File via the “Locate” button, the Barcode Selector showed DataMatrix as locked until app was relaunched.

10 FEB 17

[NEW ]DataMatrix code type added.
[FIXED] Improvement to Numeric/Alphanumeric controls.

Version History

03 OCT 23

[New] Compatible with macOS Sonoma * PDF export not currently available under MacOS Sonoma.

25 OCT 21

[New] Compatible with macOS Monterey and Apple Silicon.

08 OCT 19

[New] Compatible with MacOS 10.15 (Catalina)

[FIX] GS1-Databar barcodes could sometimes have the wrong recommended height.

09 JUL 19

[FIX] Smooth redrawing of barcode as dimensions are changed using Up/Down Arrows.

[FIX] Various under-the-hood changes to improve performance and compatibiity with latest Mac OS versions.


03 APR 19

[NEW] Retina support. On-screen images are now twice as sharp on Retina monitors.
[FIX] The Add-On field was difficult to select.

07 NOV 18

[NEW] MBC4 is now 64-bit, taking full advantage of the more efficient 64-bit architecture.

22 AUG 18

[NEW] GS1- Datamatrix Added.
[CHANGE] Stacked Databar codes can now be up to 20 segments wide.
[CHANGE] EPS files now default to "Hi-Res" when placed in 3rd party graphics software.
[FIXED] Slow execution speed under 2-byte laguages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
[FIXED] Problem when data exceeds capacity of rectangular Datamatrix codes.
[NEW] Fonts no longer required.
[NEW] Drag to install.
[FIXED] Helvetica Lt Std could not be used.
[CHANGE] When checking the writeability of the save location, MBC4 no longer relies on the system.
[FIXED] Checkbox in Preferences window could become disabled.