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If you experience problems when using WBC4, check out the known problems and their solutions on this page.

If you do not find a solution, please send a full description using the "Contact Us" button above and we will invesigate.

WBC4 Crashes
(with or without "Serious Error" warning)

Corrupt Registry information


WBC4 stores your prefernces and settings in the Windows Registry.

If the data in this file becomes corrupted, unpredictable errors may occur.


1. Quit WBC4

2. Locate the "WBC4RegistryReset" utility. It will usually be found in the WBC4 folder, inside the Programs directory.

Troubleshooting WBC4

3. Run "WBC4RegistryReset" and click on the Reset button.

Note: When the WBC4 Registry information is reset, WBC4 reverts to it's default settings. The barcode type will be EAN-13 or UPC-A and the Adjustment settings will have been reset to zero. It is important that these settings are returned to their previous values.

Can't save files
Warning that barcode type is locked

Registration file not installed correctly


When WBC4 launches it looks for a registration file inside the folder WBC4 Registration File in the WBC4 Documents folder which is contained on your Documents folder.

This file contains the serial number which confirms your licence to use the software.

If the file is not found, WBC4 launches as a demo copy (you can't save barcodes).

When you purchased WBC4, you would have been sent a registration file, either on CD or by email.


1. Locate the registration file that was sent to you (as a file on the CD or as an email attachment).

2. Launch WBC4 and choose the Unlock/Upgrade option from the Help menu.

3. Click the Locate button and open your registration file. WBC4 will move the file into the correct location.

4. You should now be able to save barcode files.


Download: Windows Server Diagnostic