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QR Codes

About QR

QR (or Quick Response) Codes were initially used in vehicle manufacture, but nowadays you can see them everywhere - billboards, in-store, magazines, business cards and newspapers to name just a few places where you will find them.

Most smartphones can read QR codes, either as a built-in feature or via an application which can be downloaded and installed.

QR Codes are used to encode web addresses, email addresses, SMS messages,  contact details and many other types of information. QR Codes can instruct the device to take specific actions such as displaying a web page. This method of "hardlinking" objects to web resources has become very popular in the field of marketing.


The symbol is composed of modules (squares) which can be either dark or light (usually black and white). The smallest size for a standard QR code is 21 modules x 21 modules. This is known as “Version 1”. A number of sizes are allowed up to Version 40 which is 177 x 177 modules.

Qr Codes version 2 and version 7

QR Codes have built-in error correction. This means that the data can be rebuilt if part of it is damaged. There are four levels of error correction available (Low, Medium, Quality and High). The higher the level, the more space is required to hold the error correction codewords.

QR Codes can encode large amounts of data, but they also have a large character set available. Our software supports the following characters:

QR Character Set



We don't just offer bit-mapped QR Codes - we give you vector formats (eps and pdf) for the quality you want and your customers demand. Unlike online QR Code generators, our WBC4 barcode software allows you to compensate for print gain - a very important factor.


Unlike some online QR generators, our software performs full mask evaluation to give you the best scanability. We also give you the full range of 4 error-correction levels. We've followed the specifications and written our QR generation code from the ground up.

QR Formats

QR Codes have special formats for URLs, bookmarks, telephone numbers, contact details (vCard), SMS messages and email - we support all of them and give you easy-to-use editors so that you'll get the format right every time!

Don't forget, if you choose our software, you have unlimited access to our support staff who have an in-depth understanding of QR Codes and all aspects of barcode production. We are happy to advise you and assist you both before and after you buy the software.