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buy barcode labels online!

We offer a fast, reliable service for printed barcode labels without the costs associated with traditional print.

Choose your label size, your barcode type, enter your label data and pay - it's as simple as that! We will rush you high quality self-adhesive barcode labels with or without text descriptions. Order before 1pm for same-day despatch!

Labels are supplied with permanent adhesive on A4 sheets. Labels have rounded corners for easy application.

Your label order may contain as many different barcodes as you require. Orders are priced according to total quantity. We don't charge you extra for changes. The only restriction is that two or more barcode numbers cannot appear on the same sheet.

Just enter the number of labels that you require and our system will round the quantity up to the nearest number of whole sheets.

You can choose from four sizes of label:

49.6mm x 29.6mm - 36 labels per sheet
These labels may contain up to 3 lines of text, rotated by 90° and an EAN-13, UPC-A or ISBN-13 barcode at 100% magnification.

38mm x 21mm - 65 labels per sheet
For products where space is limited and a full-height barcode is not feasible. May contain a 95% magnification EAN-13, UPC-A or ISBN-13 barcode - no added text.

85mm x 15mm "dumbell" - 38 labels per sheet
These labels are intended for small items, such as jewellery. The two ends of the dumbell can be stuck together to form a tag with the thin section forming a loop.
Up to 3 lines of text are allowed along with an EAN-13 or UPC-A barcode at 85% magnification.

99mm x 57mm - 10 labels per sheet
These labels are intended for outer cases/bulk packaging. They include an ITF-14 barcode at 67.5% magnification with 32mm high bars for compatibility with major retailers. One line of text above the barcode is allowed.

49.6mm x 29.6mm £ $
Up to 1000 £20.00 Lot €25.00 Lot $34.00 Lot
1000 to 5000 £20.00/K €25.00/K $34.00/K
5000+ £18.50/K €22.00/K $30.00/K
38mm x 21mm  
Up to 1000 £14.28 Lot €17.85 Lot $24.28 Lot
1000 to 5000 £14.28/K €17.85/K $24.28/K
5000+ £13.00/K €16.25/K $22.10/K
85mm x 15mm "dumbell"  
Up to 1000 £25.00 Lot €31.25 Lot $42.50 Lot
1000 to 5000 £25.00/K €31.25/K $42.50/K
5000+ £23.13/K €27.50/K $37.50/K
99mm x 57mm      
Up to 1000 £55.00 Lot €71.25 Lot $82.50 Lot
1000 to 5000 £55.00/K €71.25/K $82.50/K
5000+ £53.13/K €67.50/K $77.50/K

Prices are per 1000 labels
Quantities below 1000 are charged at a lot price equal to 1000 labels

For shipping options and prices, click here
If you would like to see samples of printed labels before you place your order, please send your details via the contact page.











* Please note - our label printing service will be unavailable between June 7th and June 16th.
We apologise for any inconvenience.

49.6mm x 29.6mm
1.95in x 1.17in
50mm x 30mm barcode label with text

36 labels per sheet
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38mm x 21mm
1.5in x 0.83in
38mm x 21mm barcode label
65 labels per sheet
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85mm x 15mm "dumbell"
3.35in x 0.59in
jewellery labels dumbell shape
38 labels per sheet
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99mm x 57mm
3.9in x 2.24in
99mm x 57mm barcode label self adhesive

10 labels per sheet
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