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Pharmaceutical Barcodes for Mac and Windows

Pharmacoder is a Mac or Windows program which produces the Pharmacode (or Laetus) bar codes used in pharmaceutical packaging.

We have produced the Pharmacoder application as a separate product to MBC4/WBC4, even though it functions as a bar code generation utility.

Like MBC4 and WBC4, it generates bar codes as EPS files which can be placed into a packaging design. Unlike the bar code types supported by MBC4 and WBC4, Pharmacode allows for codes to be used which have more than one bar color within the code.

Multi-color codes are used when important information is printed onto the packaging in more than one color.

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Screen Shot - creating Laetus Pharmacode

For example, if a box contained dosage instructions in black and a warning printed in red, the bar code may be printed using groups of red and black bars. Automated scanners on the packaging line would detect any packages where one of the colors was not printed due to an error on the printing press, thereby avoiding the possibility of a package being used which did not contain the important information.

Try out one of the Pharmacoder demo copies for Windows, or Mac OS X - available from the Downloads page.