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The easiest way to add a barcode to a document Fonts logo

A font provides compatibility with a wide range of software and can be used to easily convert data into a bar code. We produce fonts for some of the more suitable bar code types. Each font is available in Macintosh or Windows versions, in TrueType and PostScript Type 1 formats. They come complete with instructions and a utility program which will calculate the check digit.

However, there are important considerations which may make the use of a bar code generator, such as MBC4 or WBC4 a simpler option:

Not all bar code types have a 1-to-1 relationship between the data and the corresponding bar/space pattern. For example, there may be more than one way of representing each data character. This may depend on where the character falls within the code. Some barcode types encode pairs of digits, which means there cannot be a direct relationship between the bar/space pattern and the corresponding key on the keyboard.

There may also be characters in the barcode which do not form part of the data. Normally, a bar code will have a start and stop pattern. There may be other "hidden" characters such as internal check digits and shift characters which do not form part of the data.

And of course, most bar codes use a check digit as the last data character. If you don't know the check digit, you will need some method to calculate it yourself. Our font packages include Check Digit Calculators which run as a separate utility and provide the check digit for the data that you enter.

Code 39 Font USD 99.00 / GBP 59.00 / EUR 79.00  buy now

Code 39 is ideally suited as a barcode font because each character has it's own bar/space pattern and often only requires the addition of a start and stop character (an asterisk) which is used at the start and end of the barcode. So, if you want to represent the data ABC123 as a Code 39 barcode, you would simply select the Code39 font and type *ABC123*

Code 39 font

The Code 39 font is available for Windows and Mac OS. It is supplied with 2 versions of the font: "Standard" and "Tall". They are both supplied in TrueType and PostScript format.

MSI/Plessey Font USD 99.00 / GBP 59.00 / EUR 79.00 buy now

Like Code 39, the MSI/Plessey barcode font has a bar/space pattern for each character. It can encode the digits 0-9 and has a start and stop characters,represented as "[" and "]" in the font. A Mod 10 check digit calculation is most often used, although Mod 11 and Mod 10 are available from the check digit utility.

PostNET Font USD 99.00 / GBP 59.00 / EUR 79.00        buy now

PostNET is used within the U.S. Mail service for encoding delivery point information.

Windows and Mac versions are available


4-State Code Font USD 99.00 / GBP 59.00 / EUR 79.00 buy now

The 4-State Code is used within the U.K. postal service for encoding delivery point information.


Windows and Mac versions are available in both TrueType and PostScript format.