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November 18th 2020

MBC4.7.4 for MacOS Big Sur

Apple's release of the Big Sur OS brings new requirements to downloadable software. MBC4 has been updated to support the new OS (and all OS versions back to 10.9).

See the Upgrade Page for more details.



retina ss

*shown at x2 maginification

April 11th 2019

Retina-friendly MBC4!

We've just released MBC4.7.2 with Retina support!

The on-screen display now supports the full resolution of Retina screens. Non-retina displays still look as good as always. And of course, the saved file is still as perfect as ever.

Version 4.7.2 also contains fixes and better compatibility with the last Mac OS versions. The upgrade is free for users of versions 4.7.0 and 4.7.1.

See the Upgrade Page for more details.

23rd March 2019

Upgrade those old copies!

Older versions of MBC4 (4.4.12 and earlier) are not supported on the newer versions of MacOS. In many cases however, they have continued to work without problems.

Recent updates to the Mac OS have now rendered the older versions incapable of saving files.

The current version (4.7.x) is fully compatible with the lastest OS versions. You can upgrade for a reduced price. See the Upgrade Page for more details.



Pharmacoder logo


26th January 2019

An all new Pharmacoder is here!

Version 3 of Pharmacoder (for Mac and Windows) is a brand new version of our popular pharmaceutical barcode creator. It produces multi-color Laetus-compatible Pharmacodes just like before, but now supports Regular and Mini single-track Pharmacodes. There is an optional text feature, improved color management and the abilility to match bar colors to external designs. Plus helpful tools to decode and create binary codes.


8th November 2018

MBC4 is now a 64-bit application, providing compatibility with the latest and future MacOS versions.

We have released version 4.7.1 of MBC4. Large parts of the program have been re-written to take advantage of the 64-bit Mac architecture. Version 4.7.1 will run on any multiple-core Mac running MacOS 10.8 or later. There is still a 32-bit version available for users of single core Macs.



64 bit
A screen shot of MBC4.7 showing GS1-Datamatrix


4th September 2018

We have released version 4.7 of MBC4 and WBC4. The new version is fully compatible with the latest OS versions. It includes new features, fixes and the addition of GS1-Datamatrix. GS1-Datamatrix is a subset of the regular Datamatrix specification which can encode GS1 data structures. It is widely used in healthcare and for coding small items which might not have room for a traditional barcode.

MBC4.7 for Mac is now installed without the need for separate fonts. Installation is now as easy as drag and drop.

WBC4.7 has now been optimized for Chinese, Japanese and Korean systems. Previous versions suffered from slow execution speeds on these systems.

Stacked Databar codes can now be up to 20 modules wide.

Saved EPS files now open as "high-res" in 3rd party graphics software.

Go to the downloads page to try out the demo copy!


28th March 2017

When importing data for the batch production of barcode files, you can now specify the filenames that will be given to your saved files. We also added an Auto-detct feature to detect the type of file being imported.

Available now in WBC4 (Win) and coming very soon in MBC4 (Mac).


New Features Added!batch import options WBC4


New Version Released!Data Matrix Images

10th February 2017

MBC4.6 and WBC4.6 have been released. The new versions of our popular barcode generation apps include Datamatrix functionality. Datamatrix is a two-dimensional matrix barcode consisting of modules arranged in either a square or rectangular pattern. It can hold up to 2335 characters, employs error-correction and a range of encoding schemes.

30th September 2016

MBC4.53 has been released. This update adds Mac OS 10.12 compatibility and includes new Open Type versions of our HRC fonts. The update is free to all users of version 4.5x.

MBC453 screen shot
15th April 2016

Outer Case Labels Added!

99mm x 57mm label with ITF-14 barcode and text




A new label size has been added to our popular label range. The 99mm x 57mm label can be printed with an ITF-14 case code using the GTIN-14 number and a single line of text.

We offer a fast, reliable service for printed barcode labels without the costs associated with traditional print.

Choose your label size, your barcode type, enter your label data and pay - it's as simple as that! We will rush you high quality self-adhesive barcode labels with or without text descriptions. Order before 1pm for same-day despatch!

Labels are supplied with permanent adhesive on A4 sheets. Labels have rounded corners for easy application.


6th April 2016

WBC 4.5 has launched!

The latest version of WBC4 contains Code 128 Subset A, USPS Intelligent Mail and the full compliment of GS1-Databar options: GS1-Databar Limited, GS1-Databar Omnidirectional, GS1-Databar Truncated, GS1-Databar Stacked, GS1-Databar Expanded, GS1-Databar Expanded Stacked, GS1-Databar Stacked Omnidirectional and US Coupon. Like the new version of MBC4, WBC4.5 includes the new Custom Formats feature. You can now add new barcode formats by dropping a special file into WBC4's Custom Formats folder. New Custom Formats will be available free from the Computalabel website. Most importantly, WBC4.5 supports the most recent changes to the GS1 global barcode specifications, so upgrade now and keep your barcodes legal!




15th March 2016

Major Upgrade to MBC4!

MBC4.5 has been released! The new version includes new barcode types, new features and bug fixes. The new barcode options include Code 128 Subset A, USPS Intelligent Mail and the full compliment of GS1-Databar options: GS1-Databar Limited, GS1-Databar Omnidirectional, GS1-Databar Truncated, GS1-Databar Stacked, GS1-Databar Expanded, GS1-Databar Expanded Stacked, GS1-Databar Stacked Omnidirectional and US Coupon.

New barcode options

GS1-Databar has a variety of uses. It can be used in place of UPC-A or EAN-13 for small items, e.g. loose fruit. It is also used in the latest coupon formats. Code 128 Subset A can encode ASCII characters that are not normally available on the keyboard, e.g. Line Feed (LF) and End Of Transmission (EOT). An on-screen keyboard is provided to access the special characters. As well as the new Custom Formats feature for adding new barcode types to your copy of MBC4, the new version reflects recent changes to GS1 Barcode Specifications.