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Datamatrix is a two-dimensional matrix barcode consisting of dark and light (normally black and white) modules arranged in either a square or rectangular pattern. Capacity varies with size of code. It can hold up to 2335 characters. Datamatrix employs error-correction and a range of encoding schemes.

Every Datamatrix code is composed of two solid adjacent borders in an "L" shape (called the finder pattern) and two other borders consisting of alternating dark and light cells (called the timing pattern). Within these borders are rows and columns of cells encoding information. The finder pattern is used to locate and orient the symbol while the timing pattern provides a count of the number of rows and columns in the symbol. As more data is encoded in the symbol, the number of cells (rows and columns) increases.

All Datamatrix codes must have a 1 cell wide quiet zone (or border) on all sides.

Symbol sizes vary from 10×10 to 144×144. There are 24 different sizes for square codes and 6 sizes for rectangular codes.

Above a certain size, Datamatrix codes are divided into a number of regions, each with it's own finder and timing patterns.

Datamatrix Barcode

Datamatrix Allowed Sizes

Chart of Datamatrix Sizes


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